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Following is an excerpt from Teli Novell’s “The Politics of the Warring States Period”


The cause and effect of the fall  Nomine Empire was the regents forming their own states/countries. There are twenty-three known states, five of which are fully understood. The rest of them either didn’t properly record their history or their history was destroyed by other state/countries or during the Second Unification Period. In the following paragraphs I shall detail the five countries/states from the period my colleagues and I fully understand and before the end of this chapter I will briefly tell of the ones we do not.

Southeast of Ocal and Northeast of ClosKox lie the three islands of Vatan. The northmost island housed The State of the Velatari, the largest clan in the region. Largely made up of Orcs and Humans, the clan took over the state not long after it became independent from the Empire. Their people, knowing that if they attacked the representative that would be killed, cooperated with the people from the north. They joined the Ocal empire during the Second Unification Period.

Cafeld, the region in the southeast corner of Kramrigg, was once home of the regent of Cafeld. Passa Sulzbach was the first leader of Cafeld after it declared independence from the Nomine Empire. The population was largely made out of Dwarves, as were (and is) most of the southwestern countries. When they were invaded by the ClosKox Empire the Cafeld armies were greatly outgunned and outnumbered. So the leader at the time, Regenold “Stonewall”  Satari, challenged the Warleader of the ClosKox armies, Nathaniel Ecard, to a duel to decide the victor. In the end, Ecard defeated Stonewall. Ecard spared the Dwarf from death and proceeded to take over the rest of the land.

In the southmost point of the land of Ocal lies the city of grace Shebury. Shebury was the birthplace of Ocal Troy, the Elf who, through diplomacy and persuasion, created the Ocal Empire.  Shebury did not leave the Nomine Empire like most. They realised that it was going to fall, but they wanted to reap the benefits of the empire as long as they could. Shebury, unlike most  of the newly independent states, did not change greatly. They had to be more self reliant, sure. But the only real change was reduced taxes. They remained the educated, precise, and cunning society they were before the fall.

The Siford Region, the southernmost state in what is now ClosKox, provided salt and spices to the rest of the empire. The state’s trade routes changed from going to the capital to going to the capitals of the states they traded with. Siford, having supplied the state that would later become ClosKox, was peacefully annexed by the ClosKox Empire.

    The last state whose history is fully known is that of the Emerkol Outlie. The Emerkol region was the first to declare independence from the empire and the only one not to fall. They have stood invasions from ClosKox, Eder, and several bands of barbaric tribes. Their people are isolated from most of the other nations. Emerkol only trades with and allows free travel to and from Emmador, Vatan, and Ocal.

(The chapter continues on, detailing the eighteen other states. If you require this information ask your local historian.)

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