Downfall of Nomine

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The following is an excerpt from Delrila Akan’s “The Kingdom of Nomine: Its rise and its downfall”

The beginning of the end for the Kingdom of Nomine was with the birth of Endric Nomine, also known as King Nomine the Fifth. Avary Nomine, also known as King Nomine the Fourth, destroyed the shrine of Vilmar in Castle Nomine (now known as The Tomb of Horrors). In an act of retaliation, Vilmar cursed King Nomine the Third’s unborn child.

In 340, King Nomine the Fifth rose to power after his father died in a failed religious ritual. King Nomine the Fourth was, at age 24, the youngest king as of yet and, according to the public, the worst king. He raised taxes on everybody that didn’t live in the Core Region so he and his consort could live an even more lavish life. He ignored the problems of the common people and wasted the royal fortune on him and his inner circle. His greatest flaw was caused by the curse, he could never bear children.

The people finally retaliated in 352 when, while the king and his consort were on a vacation in what is now Vatan, they were assassinated by Hobgoblin Gax Tiwin via two crossbow bolts to the head. Gax was captured and hung in 353. The royal court traced the crown back to find a new king, since the late  king had no direct hair, only to find nothing.

The region to leave the empire was the State of Emerkol. The regent of the region, Aaron Emerkol, saw the death of the king as an opportunity to gain more power. So he made an official announcement at the Royal Court. The announcement went as so:

“My friends, the king is dead. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that this has devastated us all. But we must realise that with his death the Royal Court now has no power. Their promise to provide us with all that a king is to provide is hollow! I beg you follow in my footsteps and separate yourself from the Empire. You know what the council will do if they get total control, they will destroy our culture and Independence. I leave you with that to dwell on.”

Many soon-to-be states did, in fact, follow his example. So many if fact that he empire crumbled. The once great land, ruined in a fit of anger. I would go into detail about the Second Unification Period but that would be another non-sequitur to waste space. And printing is not cheap.

Downfall of Nomine

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