The First Unification Period

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The following is an excerpt from Delrila Akan’s “The First Unification Period: A study of the men, the times, & the tactics.”


The First Unification period is the name given to a period between the years 95 and 115. In this time frame the later to be king of Nomine Andres Nomine conquered all of the known world excluding the northern mountains. From what little we can piece together the old royal records Andres was born in the hamlet of Bewood to a Blacksmith and a whore, the aforementioned whore was absent for most of Andres’ life. He became a traveling mercenary after his father died at the hands of a crazed Dwarf, he told that it was to forget.


It wasn't until Andres was 28 in the year 95  that he realized his destiny. It is told that he was visited by Vilmar, god of strength & valor, and told to conquer all the land in his name. Andres was blessed, told that Vilmar would forever be by his side, and with that inspiration he vowed to unite the land.


The records from then on are unclear, some say they were tampered with to prevent imitation or to keep information from the public. But I still have information on the tactics used, my team and I have uncovered some documents and carvings from battle camp sites that prove useful. The tactics will be detailed in their chapter, now I shall return to the story.


First Anders united the core region. From what is said in his journal he united the local villagers, hamlets, and tribes and used the variety of fighting styles & tactics to confuse and overwhelm the enemy. After the Core Region he went to the southern coast and the Islands of Vatan, he persuaded the people of Vatan and used their naval abilities to defeat the people of (what is now) Emerkol and ClosKox. During all this his right hand man Daedric Afari lead the charge on the Northeastern and Northwestern costs.


115 was the year that all the land recognized Anders Nomine as the lord of the land. It is said that the night after his official Coronation he and his wife Theodora were visited by Vilmar and congratulated. Vilmar, as an act of kindness, blessed their unborn child so he may be as great a ruler as his father.

And thus, the First Unification Period draws to a close. The kingdom of Nomine would later fall in 452 when King Nomine the Fourth was assassinated, you can find out more in my other book “The Kingdom of Nomine: Its rise and its downfall.”

The First Unification Period

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